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lancashire wellbeing service and lancashire fire & rescue


Having identified a number of shared objectives and targets we began working in partnership with the Lancashire Fire & Rescue service across Preston, Chorley and South Ribble in the second half of 2016.

As a result a number of direct referrals have come into our service from LFRS where an individual has been struggling to cope, been isolated, or had issues with their health and lifestyle. We present two case studies here.


Case Study 1

The service user (SU) moved into a new home and as part of a LFRS home fire safety check other concerns were highlighted. With the support of Lancashire Wellbeing Service the following positive outcomes were achieved:

  • Service user made contact with the police and sough support from DV Support Officer for an upcoming court case

  • Obtained a 12 week counselling course

  • Found a volunteering opportunity

  • Was helped to prepare for returning to work

  • Signposted to a fitness class which they subsequently attended on a regular basis


Case Study 2

Servce user lived in a house that was in a state of disrepair. The fire officer that visited noted the SU did not have the money to repair the house and was feeling overwhelmed about their situation and made a referral to Lancashire Wellbeing Service. Our interventions were:

  • Support to apply for, attend an interview and subsequently be offered a job

  • Went with them to a free gym session and consider other activities, encouraged to enter a 5K run

  • Get 'Care and Repair' in to do soem work fixing their house

  • Looked at 'Safe Traders' for follow-up work

  • Got the initial paperwork for them about selling their house as they would like to move in the mid-term

  • Go to social centre to meet new friends.


Other typical referrals include:

  • Elderly lady who is struggling to cope in many areas of her life such as mobility, shopping, personal care. One of our welbeing workers was allocated and she is liaising with the Rapid Response Team who are visiting everyday and arranging shopping.

  • Service user with mobility issues, poor eyesight, was the main carer for son. After the first session we are looking at allowances and transport to get to appointments, details of Community Transport (Red Cross/NHS). Further sessions were scheduled for the early weeks of the year.


With continued communication between our Partnership Engagement Worker and LFRS, and the ongoing support of a wellbeing worker who has been allocated to referrals we anticipate the relationship to develop for the benefit of all concerned.

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