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A free service offering practical, short-term support towards a better quality of life.


Thousands of people across the County have benefitted from our support and we see amazing outcomes every day. On this page we present just a few of the success stories with detailed case studies and quotes from service users.

The following comments have been made by our service users as part of the assessment process.


This lady suffered from anxiety and a sense of isolation due to a poor social networks and the responsibility for caring for her husband. She had not been to the GP regarding her own health in over a year. There were previous mental health issues including self-harm and low self-esteem.
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Miss A 

This lady suffered from moderate mental health issues, anxiety and depressive disorder. She wanted to get back into work or volunteering and had a passion for art. Was aware of weight and size and wanted to get back into keeping fit. She was ready to move on after an intensive course of psychotherapy.
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Steven was referred to LWS days after being discharged from hospital where he had been seriously ill as a consequence of many months of heavy alcohol consumption resulting in malnutrition and blackouts. As a consequence, his life had been chaotic and he was extremely vulnerable to relapse following detox during his admission. He did not have a telephone therefore initial assessment arranged by wellbeing worker at health centre drop-in.
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"I feel my wellbeing worker really cares about me and she has helped me pick myself up and become more resilient. She has moved forward my counselling appointments and I am now working on lifting this depression which I couldn’t have done without her." 

"I’ve been so impressed with the helpfulness of my wellbeing worker, her warmth, flexibility and welcoming my daughter in the sessions. I feel much more aware and able to access services I’ve not yet been well enough to access. I’m pleased to of achieved so much following the resources and links. Thank you!"  

"You are exactly what a support worker should be. I feel like dynamite. I can put the dark stuff into something that makes me laugh and talk about, without talking about it. You are totally punk. Thank you." 

"Lancashire Wellbeing helped me a great deal giving me a focus to things that might change in my life to improve my wellbeing. Also opened me up to other options and agencies that might be of benefit. Thank you".

"The help that I received off my Wellbeing worker was better than excellent, in many ways it excelled counselling. She was warm, very understanding and helped me look forward to the future. What a lady".

"My wellbeing worker was a great help and very supportive. He helped me receive my benefits, he also suggested a group meeting that could help me but I haven’t yet attended. Overall I am very grateful for the support I was given".

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