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Miss A's Story

This lady suffered from moderate mental health issues, anxiety and depressive disorder. She wanted to get back into work or volunteering and had a passion for art. Was aware of weight and size and wanted to get back into keeping fit. She was ready to move on after an intensive course of psychotherapy.

On the first session, Miss A shared her background that had resulted in her having to give up work (a role of responsibility with the NHS) and receiving psychotherapy to help her deal with her past. She felt that she had reached a point where she was ready to go back to work, not necessarily in the same area as before, but was lacking confidence after being out of work for some time.  Miss A was given information around volunteering, Citizen Involvement Group, relaxation classes (Women’s Refuge), exercise on prescription, U3A and art clubs. Welfare Rights re finances.

On the second session, Miss A said that she had been looking forward to coming to the session as she felt that ‘something positive is happening’. Miss A had made contact with Welfare Rights. She said that she had been signed off by her doctor for another 3 months to make sure she was fully ready for going back to work. She had started to look for work online. Together with her Wellbeing Worker she discussed a prospective art group that was to be service-user led and developed by LWS, especially tailored for service users providing a non -judgemental and therapeutic atmosphere/experience. Miss A was enthusiastic about becoming involved in the project. 

By the third session, Miss A was still keen to get back to work via volunteering. She said that she felt better and that as a result of the sessions was motivated, encouraged and gaining confidence.

The 4th session was an initial meeting with the LWS Community Development Worker regarding a community art group, which Miss A had agreed to, to discuss her possible contribution to the group. She spoke confidently about her views on access to venues and the make-up of the group. Miss A  shared that she was feeling under pressure to find work and that she was feeling much stronger and confident in herself and ready to move on albeit baby steps.

By the 5th session, Miss A was feeling more positive as she had seen a post advertised that she felt she could do, and was considering applying for it. We discussed the job spec etc. and her experience. Although Miss A considered volunteering, she felt the need to get a job from a financial point of view. She had also found the new details of Exercise on Prescription scheme and was keen to begin an exercise regime. She reiterated her appreciation of the support given over the sessions and was looking forward to getting involved with the art group.

By the initial meeting of the art group, Miss A had secured a job, which she said would tide her over until she found a job that was more suited to her talents. She was sad not to be involved in the group and felt as though she was letting us down and asked to be kept ‘in the loop’ should she get some time off or find a part time job.

Miss A followed up the exercise on prescription and was keen to become involved in a prospective art group to be developed by LWS.

SWEMWBS – 34 = 126% increase / Get The Most Out of Life Tool – 31 = 82% increase

“You might not feel as though you have done a lot, but these sessions have been invaluable to me, they have really helped, you have listened and shared from your own experience so I know it is ok to feel the way I do at times. I have regained some confidence. Thank you.”

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